Public Transport

From the Airport

Prague has one international airport, which is located 15 km away from the city center. It takes approximately 25-40 minutes to reach the center by public transport. The cheapest way to go to the center is taking the bus, which costs 32 CZK. Here you can see the bus lines going from the Airport to Prague.

If you would like to travel by a shuttle bus, it will be around 130 CZK, or if you would like to use one of the taxi companies it will be around 500 CZK.

In the city

Prague has a cheap, efficient and highly integrated public transport system. There are two types of single-trip tickets:

  • 30-minute ticket 24 CZK (children 6-15 years: 12 CZK)
  • 90-minute ticket 32 CZK (children 6-15 years: 16 CZK)

Both tickets can be used on any type of public transportation and allows transfers between lines (subway to subway, tram to tram, etc.) and transfers between different types of transport (subway to tram, tram to bus, etc.) for up to 30/90 minutes from validation.

If you stay in Prague for a while and you will use the public transport more often, then there are some tourist passes for you:

  • 24-hour pass 110 CZK (children 6-15 years: 55 CZK)
  • 3-day pass (72 hours): 310 CZK

To plan your travel with public transport, this site can help you a lot.

Travel to the Venue

by private bus

Friday 15

From Hostel Strahov
7:10, 7:30

From Hotel Ibis
7:20 (S), 7:30, 7:40 (S), 7:40

From the venue to Hotel Ibis/Hostel Strahov
19:00, 20:30

Saturday 16

From Hostel Strahov
6:50 (x2), 7:30

From Hotel Ibis
7:00 (S), 7:00, 7:40 (S), 7:40

From the venue to Hotel Ibis/Hostel Strahov
20:00, 20:30

Sunday 17

From Hostel Strahov
7:00 (x2), 7:20

From Hotel Ibis
7:10 (S), 7:10, 7:30

From the venue to Hotel Ibis/Hostel Strahov
18:50, 19:00

(S): These buses come from Hostel Strahov, there will be limited places on them.
(x2): Two buses will leave at the same time.

  • The routes take: Strahov-Venue: 50-60 minutes, Ibis-Venue: 30-40 minutes
  • Each route will cost 3€/person/route. Please prepare the exact amount of money, bacause we will have no time to return the change.
  • For the morning buses, you have to pay for your trip when you leave the bus at the venue. Please keep in mind that leaving the bus without paying will cause disqualification from the whole competition.
  • For the evening buses, you have to pay before getting on the bus.
  • Seats on the buses will be given according to the first come, first serve base, if you would like to get a place for sure, make sure to arrive in time. We ordered more buses, than it would be needed according to the filled out preferences, but please keep in mind, that we cannot grant you a place in one of the buses, so make sure to know how to reach the venue/your accommodation by public transport.
  • Please make sure to find a bus, which will take you to the venue in time, becasue we cannot put you in another group if you are late.
  • Each bus can transport 50 people and standing on the buses is not allowed!

by train

Train is part of the public transport system in Prague and your time-ticket, the one or three days ticket will be also valid for them. It takes around 17 minutes to the venue from the center of Prague. We highly recommend this option, as it is fairly quick (fewer stops), less crowded and just as cheap as the other options.

  • Train You can reach the venue from Prague main train station "Praha Hlavni - Nadrazi" through station "Praha-Smichov" (which connects to the "Smichovske Nadrazi" station on the B metro line) to final station "Praha - Radotin". (It's 11 minutes walk from the venue.)

by bus

If you come to the venue by bus, there are two lines you can choose from:

  • Bus 244 You have to get off at the "Otínská" stop. (It's 2 minutes walk to the venue.)
  • Bus 120 You have to get off at the "Prvomájová" stop. (It's 5 minutes walk to the venue.)

by car

If you travel from the city center to the venue by car, it will take you around 20-30 minutes to get there. Be careful with traveling by car, because there can be heavy traffic mostly in the morning hours.

At the venue (and in the nearby streets) there are free of parking spaces.



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